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Ambitious Sustainability Targets

「 Green Factory 」

「 Green Factory 」

Photovoltaic Power Station

  • In 2023, Zhink New Material constructed an 8.79MW photovoltaic power station, which is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 56,000 tons in 25 years. Through emission reduction measures and the utilization of carbon credits, the company achieved a net emission of zero and created 'zero-carbon' yarns. 
  • Zhink New Material has been recognized as a 'Green Factory’, adhering to sustainable development practices. It continues to research and develop environmentally friendly, green, and stylish textile products, aiming to establish a new type of green factory that integrates technology, environmental consciousness, and fashion.
「 key Player 」

「 key Player 」

Recycled Yarn

  • Recycled yarn, made from discarded textiles and plastic waste, is a key player in environmental sustainability.
  • It curbs resource depletion by reusing materials, curtails waste, and lessens the carbon footprint. Its benefits encompass resource efficiency, waste reduction, lowered environmental impact due to reduced energy and water usage, and a solution to plastic waste by converting it into usable yarn. The circular economy gains traction as existing materials find new life, diminishing the demand for new fibers. 
    Sustainable fashion is bolstered, meeting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.
  • Ultimately, recycled yarn propels the textile industry towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Green Supply Chain Management System

Eco-friendly Research and Development

Green Supplier Management

Building an Eco-info Monitoring System

Green Production and Recycling

Green Supply Chain Principles

The ultimate goal is to infuse green supply chain principles throughout the entirety of the company's operations, spanning product research, design, procurement, manufacturing, and recycling. This holistic approach encompasses the identification of opportunities and potential risks related to energy resources and the environment, while also leveraging the inherent advantages of green supply chain management.