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Woven Fabric

Fashion Clothes

Specialise in Producing High Quality Fabrics for Fashion Apparel

Whether you are looking for classic style or avant-garde innovation, our fabrics offer designers unlimited scope for creativity, and we look forward to providing the fashion industry with fabric solutions that are both beautiful and functional.


  • Sophisticated Suits
  • Elegant Dresses
  • Stylish Half-Skirts
  • Comfortable Trousers

TR Stretch Fabrics

Our main products including woven TR stretch fabrics, which are suitable for a wide range of fashion categories due to their excellent elasticity and comfort. 

Acetate and Polyester

Our product line also includes fabrics such as acetate and polyester with a silk-like sheen, and can even be customised to help match different fashion designs.


Our Unwavering Commitment to Quality , Comfort , and Style

Our flagship products are specifically chosen to meet the demands of suit making.


  • TR Fabric
  • TR Spandex
  • Nylon Spandex